Uncle Bill’s Will – An English Theatre Project with David Taylor [4C]

Uncle Bill’s Will – An English Theatre Project with David Taylor

We should have had this workshop in March with performances for parents and students of other classes, but everything was cancelled – Corona!

So David came this schoolyear in September.

Day 1: We read the play. It’s about pirates, a treasure and natives living on a lost island. We cast the scenes, discuss costumes and props, examine possible sets for the scenes to film – there won’t be any live presentation. Philipp has brought his camera, he will film and edit the scenes.

Day 2.: Most of us bring costumes, shorts, and toy weapons. We need pistols and swords for the pirates and a bottle of rum (this will be filled with ice-tea, preferably peach). David brings a bag full of torn and dirty T-shirts for the natives. Mr. Hlustik helps us build a chest for Jack and Kate to hide.

Day 3: We rehearse the scene on the ship. We collect all the plants that we can find in the schoolhouse and create a jungle in our classroom: This will be the stage for our lost island. Pirates, island people, the captain, Kate, Jack and all the other dress up and get fake scars and dirty faces.

Day 4: The chest is on the stage. We also “set sails”. Everything is ready for the scene on the ship. Philipp films Act I, he has to shoot the pirates’ scenes several times. In between there is a lot of waiting time for those who act in part II, it will be their turn tomorrow.

Day 5: Philipp shoots Act II in the classroom, which has turned into a lost island with a sandy beach and a bunch of natives. We shout and run for the “treasure” and the natives sail home with a “horray”.

Without our cameraman Philipp we couldn’t have done it. It took him more than six hours at home to cut and edit film. It turned out great!