The text which won a prize

Imagine your teacher suggests extra work. Not to improve your grade, but because you enjoy writing and because you could win a prize in a writing competition. Would you write a short story?

You will, if you aspire to become a writer like Leo Reichmann from 3D. His text was one of 3.400 that were submitted to the MORE! Writing Competition 2021 – and won 2nd place in his age group! Congratulations!

Students could choose from two topics and had to write a short story with a set word limit. Leo chose „The idea which saved the planet”, here is his text:

The idea which saved the planet

“And today, we’re reporting live from the headquarters of Lightco Enterprises. My name is Sadie Shades and I’m speaking with the CEO and leader of the new project to help stop climate change, Felix Luno. So, what is it exactly that you’re planning?”

“Good morning, Sadie. In a nutshell, our idea is to cover a small portion of the Sahara Desert – one of the hottest places on earth – entirely with solar panels. This will produce enough energy to cover the entire energy demand of our planet!”

“Wow! That’s incredible! But won’t that affect creatures that live there?” “Well, we’ll need to be careful not to harm the local fauna, but the animals will move as soon as they hear us building the panels anyway to some place elsewhere in the Sahara. So, it won’t be a big problem.”

“Thank you, Mr. Luno. That will be all. And to you, dear viewers, join us next time, when we will check out the reactions of gasoline industries to this broadcast. Bye!”

The story will also be published in the MORE! Writing Competition 2021 story collection. Next time you read the line “You’ve decided to take part in a writing competition …” – think of Leo’s story and the writing task might not seem so far-fetched.