India Day 2023 (class 4B)

India Day 2023 class 4B

On November 14th, class 4B visited the India Day in the Muth Theatre. This incredibly thrilling event was hosted by the Indian Embassy to celebrate 75 years of Independence. It not only included cultural and traditional performances but also delicious Indian snacks and even a Henna Tattoo Station.

The presentation was about the history, the cuisine, the culture, and the landscape of India. India is a truly diverse country with a lot of different languages and religions. Its many historic sites and vibrant culture attract millions of tourists.

One of the things we enjoyed most was the introduction of two traditional instruments- the sitar und table. A wonderful young lady also performed a dance while two musicians were playing their instruments.

Another part of the event everyone enjoyed was the yoga session. It was relaxing and fun at the same time. In the end a group of kids even performed a human pyramid. Towards the end of the event, Indian dancers demonstrated a Bollywood dance where everyone was invited to join and get on stage.

This India Day was a fun way to learn more about the diverse Indian culture.

By Lucie Schwind & Alba Schillinger, 4B