Galway (7A)

In April we went to the nice little town in Ireland called Galway. It has neary 80.000 inhabitants.  Galway is popular for its colourful painted houses and its welcoming atmosphere. We all stayed in host families, which was more or less nice. Nevertheless, it gave us a realistic view of the daily life in Galway. There were a lot of facilities to get different kinds of food, like fries with special sauces and also local specialties such as fish and chips. Due to a city tour that was organised by the language school we got to see all the sight-seeing attractions. Our personal highlight was the house where Ed-Sheeran filmed the music video of Galway girl. We also had a walk along the seaside and liked the beach very much.  We learned that it sadly doesn’t get very warm in Ireland even in summer, so you will probably not want to swim in the sea. Nevertheless, our stay there was great and it was a fun experience.