The three-flavoured tea-bag, a mystery murder story and Stephan Hawking

Class 4c has started the new school year with a full immersion into the English language.

Ken and Quentin, two English-in-Action teachers, led them through a 30 lesson- course during the second week of the school year. The students’ activities were manifold and different to the normal school routine: guessing games and project work, cultural input and the very British culture, film making and inventions.

The 4 class students presented their work in a final show on Friday noon in front of a large audience of parents and interested fellow students. What we saw was an amazing mix of nicely imaginative work: British pantomime, James Bond and the story behind, an interview with Harry Potter, the best of sports, Great Britain in 5 minutes, the new Teabackpack, recipes , a cookbooks and the world’s most important sweets. Well done, 4c!