English breakfast in der 2C

On Friday we had “ English Breakfast “. I brought plastic cups.
Neda brought plastic cups too.
Nikola, Oskar and Neda were our chefs. They made nice toast.
Alex was ill, so we missed two liters of milk. First I ate two pancakes.
Then I ate four pieces of bread with butter.
I drank orange juice all the time. At last I ate cornflakes.
The breakfast was really delicious!



Cornflakes and orange juice

On Friday we had an English breakfast in our classroom. I ate pancakes with sugar and a bowl of cornflakes with milk. The pancakes were really good and the cornflakes too. I didn’t try the baked beans because I don’t like beans. English people usually drink black tea for breakfast, but I drank orange juice. I enjoyed our English breakfast very much, and I hope we will have it again.