ECT (English Camp Tulln), 3B & 3C

ECT (English Camp Tulln) 

October 9th thru 11th, 3B & 3C

Our students are having fun and learning a lot at the English camp in Tulln!

Students learned about various topics such as human rights, music genres, global warming, concerts, talent shows and more. But most of all, they had the opportunity to practice their English through speaking and writing workshops with our three native speakers Katherine, Ethan, and Sam from the US. 

In the evenings, students enjoyed yoga, card games, a stroll to Tulln downtown, and a movie night with homemade popcorn. They got to make and edit their own films, and created posters, power point presentations, sketches and even music choreographies which they presented in their very own talent show! 

Our disco nicely rounded off the last evening of the field trip! On the last day, the students enjoyed an English workshop on climate change at Garten Tulln.

Talking at the ECT really increased my English skills. – Selma, 3C

We played funny games and I especially enjoyed the disco. (Veronika 3b)

I liked it very much that we were speaking in English the whole time. – Angelika, 3C

The food was excellent, the pineapple drink was delicious and the rooms were comfy. (Simon 3b)

The workshops are really fun – and most importantly, the people are very nice. – Polina, 3C

The talent show was really cool and funny! (Anton 3b)

I like how we got to work on our own projects. – Marlene, 3C

The walk on the Danube river bank was awesome. (Jolanda 3b)

Much fun, a lot of English, cool projects… these are all words that describe our wonderful time here. – Julia, 3C

Great activities with motivated coaches. (Mirjam 3b)

The native speakers are really nice and friendly. – Iolanda, 3C

Movie night with popcorn and snacks was great. (Julie 3b)

The best thing was the film night because there were a lot of snacks and the film was very nice. – Eleni, 3C

The funniest activity was playing Werewolf and doing yoga with Katherine. (Fifi 3b)

The English camp was very cool and I hope we can go to another camp next year. We learned so much. – Lina, 3C

Garten Tulln is beautiful and we learned a lot about gardening. (Anton 3b)

It is amazing how much I’ve learned in those days. – Ella, 3C

My favourite workshop was „Climate change“ because we learned a lot about this important issue. (Jakob 3b)

How much do I like this trip? – Easy question: I think the trip is really great and the coaches are so nice! – Maddi, 3C

„Stand up for your rights“ – in this workshop we learned about Malala, Rosa Parks and Greta Thunberg. They are great role models! (Julia 3b)   

I really think it was the best school trip I’ve ever had – and the food was the best school lunch ever! – Katherine, native speaker