Charlie and the chocolate factory

Welcome to the tale of a delicious adventure in a wonderful land. You can tell it will be delicious – can’t you smell it already? … You’ve all heard of Wonka… You say what is Wonka? Well … Wonka Chocolate of course. That Mr. Wonka, in order to sell a lot of candy, was running a contest. Yes,  that’s right…. a contest. He had secretly wrapped a Golden Ticket under ordinary wrapping paper in five ordinary candy bars. The five lucky finders of the Golden Tickets would tour the chocolate factory and take home enough chocolate for the rest of their lives.

In the performance of class 2c the five lucky winners Augustus, Violet, Veruca, Mike and Charlie are touring Mr. Wonka’s chocolate factory and experience the most extraordinary adventures.

A hilarious play greatly performed by class 2c on June 1st, 2022.