Lunchtime on November 27th. Nothing unusual, except for the smell wafting through the school building. Was that … TURKEY?

Yes, it was! In the spirit of Thanksgiving the class of 8A organized a big lunch with all kinds of traditional foods: two kinds of potatoes, cranberry sauce, dumplings, salads and corn bread. The 19 pound roast turkey was the prized center piece of our banquet.

After arranging a few tables into one big and decorating the classroom with an autumn theme, two short speeches were held. One highlighting the historical inaccuracy of Thanksgiving, focusing on the great injustice brought upon the Native Americans by the European settlers. The other speech was a Thank You note by our American assistant teacher Megan, who couldn´t celebrate with her family this year.

Food was enjoyed, jokes were made, many thanks were given and in the end the festivities were capped off with a delicious pumpkin pie. Unfortunately, we could not quite finish the dessert because we all were full after the amazing main course.

Hopefully, this will not be the last time this holiday is celebrated in our school!

                                                                                                                      (Parissa 8A)