From February 12th to 16th, 2018, we, the 4C, were only allowed to speak English for a week.

Why? Because during that time we had a workshop called English In Action. We had two teachers from Canterbury, England – Simon and Catherine. They told us a lot of interesting facts about the UK and really helped us to improve our English language skills.

On the first day the class was split into two groups of fourteen people. The teachers took turns so we always had three hours per day with each of them. The first four hours we worked with the English in Action books – we each got a copy for ourselves. During these lessons we learned a lot about the UK, played some games and  – since English in Action is mainly about speaking – talked a lot. We used the subsequent lesson to prepare a project – we chose a UK-related topic, planned and created a newspaper, baked a traditional cake, made posters to present our topic, and prepared our presentation. In the last lesson we wrote and practiced a play.

On Friday we presented all our projects and plays to our parents and some of our teachers. After the show every student got an English in Action certificate from Catherine and Simon.

We all enjoyed our workshop week a lot. We learned many interesting things and are able to speak English more fluently now.           

(Mira, 4C)